WebDAV configuration for Apache

Things to do, as explained in more detail on the WebDAV site:
  1. Download mod_dav, and apply this patch. If you use a standard mod_dav, your WebDAV server will not report quotas, making Backup unable to save to your own iDisk. Backing up to DVD or CD does work, however.
  2. Compile and install mod_dav.
  3. Configure mod_dav. Use mod_auth_digest. The older mod_digest does not work properly, and you do not want Basic (clear text) authentication. Use the following parameters for authentication: Here is an example configuration for WebDAV.

Why not use MacOS X as WebDAV server?

The Apache that is included with MacOS X does include (a disabled) mod_dav, but it does does not include mod_auth_digest. This caused me to move to OpenBSD for the web server. You can get WebDAV to work using MacOS X, but only with Basic authentication. This means that the password is sent in clear text!

I also had a problem with renaming files and directories on a MacOS X WebDAV server. One more reason not to use MacOS X as a WebDAV server.


You can try to mount WebDAV disks in MacOS X using the Connect to Server menu item of the Finder. Use http://your.server.name/joe" as URL. After you have set up your MacOS X machine to access your own web server instead of idisk.mac.com (as described here), the iDisk menu item should work.

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